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Date added: 05-03-2016

Job description:

  1. Develop and maintain business relations with his / her overseas clients; 
  2. Explore sales opportunities and achieve the sales target based on the communication service of sales company; 
  3. Realize sales revenue by fulfilling clients’ requirement through close collaboration with pre-sales support and implementation teams; 
  4. Be fully in charge of sales process management for clients, including client enquiry, quotation reply, sales report and client activities. Ensure clients’ satisfaction with the company. 

Job contents:

  1. Formulate annual marketing target and plan, make sales forecasts and analyze the future trend of the market. 
  2. Find new clients; maintain and manage regular clients. 
  3. Collect and analyze the situation of competitors; formulate sales program according to the advantages of company products. 
  4. Formulate phased implementation goals; implement brand planning and build brand image. 
  5. Organize training for department staff, strengthen the communication & cooperation capability between department staff, and create harmonious and positive working atmosphere;
  6. Strengthen the communication and cooperation between different departments to facilitate faster and healthier development of the company;
  7. Promote company brand, advertise the operation philosophy of company and improve the image of company;
  8. Enhance the professional ethics and comprehensive ability of department staff to improve the overall image of company.

Date added: 03-03-2016

Job description:

  1. Actively introduce IDC (third-party server hosting) and VPN to large internet companies, game and video providers, finance, securities and insurance industries; fulfill individual sales tasks of company products according to the sales strategy formulated by the department.
  2. Develop client resources; explore client needs; visit potential clients; accomplish predetermined sales target; 
  3. Follow up with current clients and collect feedback information; coordinate and communicate with service department in time and give response; manage receivables; maintain close relationship with current clients. 


HR Department:

Ms Chan / Ms He