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Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway

Product Details

Telstra PBS Cloud Gateway provides a one-stop end-to-end secure connection for customers to get rapid access to various cloud platforms in China. This is done by establishing a private network that connects offices, data centres and database servers to all types of cloud platforms


Product Category

AWS Direct Connect

As an advanced Amazon Web Service (AWS) APN partner, Telstra PBS can provide customers with AWS Direct Connect services, and NNI interconnection between Telstra PBS Cloud Gateway and the AWS Cloud Data Centre in China. By connecting our IPVPN backbone network with the AWS Cloud Data Centre in China, Telstra PBS provides our clients with end-to-end direct solutions from their offices and data centres, offering connections that are secure, stable and reliable. This way, Telstra PBS provides a quick and cost-optimised service for our clients.


  • Provides end-to-end solutions with AWS Direct Connect
  • Uses SDN technology and AWS Direct Connect to create a flexible network with adjustable bandwidth compatible with all AWS platform services, and to set up private connections to AWS cloud
  • Offers service classification (COS) and service quality assurance (QoS)
  • Provides real-time network monitoring and testing as well as 24/7 full-time network management
  • Provides multiple business solutions to AWS ecosystem


As a global partner of AWS, Telstra connects with the AWS Global Cloud Data Centre through the Programmable Network (SDN). This capability is especially key in cloud computing, as it enables the network to be deployed in near real time, can be scaled dynamically, and customers pay according to what they use. This way, the Programmable Network makes it more convenient for our customers to directly connect to the AWS Cloud Data Centre.


Rapid Acceleration – An AWS Cloud POP direct connection can be set up in just three days

On demand configuration – Adjustable bandwidth from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps to support resilient growth.

Real time monitoring – Real time network monitoring to provide network flow reports


Case Study

Case study 1:

Take the case of a client who needs a stable link with low latency from a data centre to AWS, for the transmission of real-time data streams. By ordering a Cloud Gateway bandwidth of 20Mbps from Telstra PBS, the client receives the link in three days. Based on the actual client experience, the bandwidth, packet loss rate, jitter and other factors all fall within the client’s business needs. What’s more, the bandwidth is scalable.

Experience and world-class practice: 

By connecting to a single VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), customers can enjoy shorter implementation cycles and more flexible contracted bandwidth through Telstra PBS Cloud Gateway. Customers can order a number of similar managed connections to set up interconnections with multiple VPCs.