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Chongqing<br>Data Centre

Data Centre


Telstra PBS Chongqing data centre (CQCS1) is located in Shuitu High-tech Park, Beibei District, Chongqing, which is a support PoP in southwest district. It, provides you with an ideal environment to deploy your core infrastructure, and to support the emerging information and service industry of Chongqing.

No.7 of Yunhan Avenue, Shuitu High-tech Park, B eibei District, Chongqing

About 15 kilometers away from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, about 22 kilometers away from Chongqing downtown


Modular Design

  • Rapid deployment
  • Allocate as needed
  • Easy to expand
  • Energy efficiency control

Modular Design

  • 5,000 m2 gross floor area
  • 6,000 mm floor to ceiling height
  • 1,100 mm raised floor height
  • Floor loading quantity is 12KN/m2


Four layers of security are deployed to access the computer room:

  • Access card for access control entering
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Routine equipment inspection
  • 24*7*365 security guard

Supporting Service

  • Module renting services
  • Private cage building services in computer room
  • Offices or seats renting services
  • Public dining area

HVAC System

  • 7 York variable-frequency water chillers, in N+1 redundancy deployment
  • Dual and diverse chilled water riser
  • Thermal storage tank for uninterruptable cooling

Colocation and IPVPN

PBS has established 48 PoPs in 38 cities to interconnect its data centres.

With the high grade data centre service as well as the wide coverage of IPVPN, PBS can provide one-stop ICT services to connect data centres and offices for customers.

Cabinet Distribution

  • The colocation data centre has 10 modules, including nine standard modules and one high density module and a high-voltage DC module and supporting a total of 2,000 cabinets
  • Standard Rack Power Density: 4KVA
  • Maximum Rack Power Density: 8KVA

Comprehensive Wiring

  • Power supplier is separated into an A path and B path, housed under the raised floor
  • Communication cable is run through a frame over the top of each  cabinet

Fire Suppression System

  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) System
  • IG541 gaseous fire suppression system in computer room
  • Water-spray fire suppression system in common area

Power Supply

  • Dual power from the city power grid, with a total of 38 MVA, supporting online maintenance
  • UPS battery autonomy is rated at 15 minutes during full-load operation
  • 11 Perkins diesel generator set, in N+1 redundancy, provides 1600KW common power each
  • Diesel fuel tank capacity support data centre operations for 24 hours while a supply agreement with a fuel supplier is in place to ensure power supply is uninterruptable

Network Resources

As a domestic ISP with years of operational experience, PBS has built deep cooperation with China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. With the experiences and relationships, PBS Chongqing Data Centre provides the best Internet services with bandwidth resources coming from the operators.


Services and Commitment

Customised Services

  • Basic operation services
  • Workstation services
  • Visualised network admin system
  • Active response

Remotehead Support

  • Power Cycling – Manual switching on/off and reset of customers’ equipment; plug-in and unplug of network peripheral cards
  • Cabling and Connection – Physical plug-in and unplug of cables from port, copper/fiber patch installation and cable removal, provisioning and labeling
  • Inspection and Reporting – Inspection and reporting of visible alarms on customer equipment
  • Equipment Installation and Management – Unpacking, mounting and installation of cable, replacement or removal of hot-swappable and modular equipment
  • Spare Parts Handling – Receive and store new spare parts and store faulty spare parts in customer co-location area

Construction Conditions

  • Sufficient place for installing and testing
  • DIA services for the offices and meeting room
  • Electric power, environment, facilities and security monitor with BMS

Services Grade


  • Carrier neutral with dual Meet-Me-Room
  • High grade security for network segmentation and provide cabinet cross link and jumper
  • Provide a wide range of network services to meet customers’ various requirements including cost, routing protection, capacity and service level
  • Network Services:
    • Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IPVPN)
    • Direct Internet Access (DIA)
Metric Target Type
Power Availability
Total loss of power for both power feed (A&B)
99.999% Committed
Operating Temperature
99.99% Committed
Related Humidity
99.99% Committed


 High Grade Design and Facilities

  • Online support and maintenance for data centre services
  • Fault tolerance
  • Data centre constructs using materials from best in class international suppliers

Operator Neutrality

  • Connection to major domestic carriers in China
  • Good relationship established with major domestic carriers

Modular Design

  • On-demand resources configuration to avoid resources idling
  • Facilitate flexible upgrade and deployment

Customised Services

  • Customised services according to customer’s requirements
  • Differentiated services