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Software<br>-Defined Wide<br>Area Network<br>(SD-WAN)

-Defined Wide
Area Network

Product Details

The Telstra PBS SD-WAN service lets you easily expand your bandwidth by incorporating multiple access channels (IPVPN, Internet and cellular connectivity) into your WAN. It also offers optimised network access to cloud services, private data centres and corporate branches. An extension of the PBS IPVPN service within China, the Telstra PBS SD-WAN service is based on SD-WAN access technology and offers a flexible end-to-end VPN network connection service. The SD-WAN service is mainly used to connect branch offices, data centres and cloud platforms to optimise application performance. It also delivers branch agility, simplify branch infrastructure and allows flexible scheduling for various network resources.




Product Features

  • Easy to set up: With zero-touch set-up, you just need to install the hardware and the configurations can be pushed down from the cloud for a quick deployment
  • Flexible bandwidth: IPVPN bandwidth is adjustable within the maximum throughput range, offering a pay-as-you-go model with online traffic flow monitoring
  • Network functionality virtualisation: Customers can deploy other network functions through a web portal. There is no need for dedicated IT support on the remote site
  • Dynamic Multi-path Optimisiation with intelligent path control which the most appropriate path is selected based on link health and business policies
  • Programmability: Customers can automatically deploy and orchestrate a network which follows business processes. They can also develop additional functions or services through the available APIs
  • Security: Secure internet connections are created through establishing VPNs and integrated firewalls
  • Complete network performance report and network status charts visualisation: Support real-time monitoring of the SD-WAN connection


  • 100% Web portal deployment, easy to set up devices
  • Supports MPLS, Internet and cellular connections,optimise WAN
  • Dynamic Multi-path Optimisiation
  • Quick delivery, flexible bandwidth, provides visualised reports



Case Study

Scenario 1: Company A has several branch offices, whose employees collaborate using video conferencing at work. However, due to bandwidth congestion, the video images are intermittent, making it difficult to communicate. Expanding the bandwidth or adding one more virtual private network might be a way, but will increase a lot to their IT budget.

Telstra PBS SD-WAN can help you solve the problem. Through Telstra PBS SD-WAN service, you can optimise network quality of your wide area networks. For example, when you have a video conference through the network with 2% packet loss, the video images becomes pixelated and the audio quality may suffer.

SD-WAN can temporarily prioritise your video conferencing above all other applications to provide a better experience. Once the call is completed, the application can be deprioritized in favour of other critical applications.




Scenario 2: Most enterprises have an IP-VPN connection in their headquarters and main offices as their corporate secure WAN and have a public internet connection in their branch offices due to cost considerations.

With Telstra PBS SD-WAN service and their own enterprise Internet connection at their office, they can transform the existing enterprise Internet connection into a private network through the Cloud VPN feature and integrated firewall. This way, a reliable and secure private network can be set up to connect between branches and to the head office.